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Research Agenda Task Force Survey

Summary of Responses

Between February and March 2017, APA conducted the Research Agenda Task Force Survey. The goal of this survey was to solicit member input to inform the development of the APA research agenda, including priority topics for APA research.  The survey included questions on familiarity with current research programs, prioritization of research topics, the scale at which research should be focused, and member engagement in APA research.

A total of 1,329 responses to the survey were received.  This report includes a full summary of survey responses and findings.  

National Centers for Planning

ARPA's National Centers for Planning are dedicated to helping planners create communities of lasting value.

Green Communities Center

The Green Communities Center advances practices that improve environmental quality, address climate change, and reduce development impacts on natural resources.

  • Green and Blue Infrastructure
  • Green Energy
  • Green Transportation

Hazards Planning Center

The Hazards Planning Center advances practices that promote resilience by reducing the impact of natural hazards on communities and regions.

  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Post Disaster Recovery
  • Climate Change Adaption

Planning and Community Health Center

The Planning and Community Health Center advances practices that improve human environments to promote public health through active living, healthy eating, and health in all planning policies.

  • Active Living
  • Food Systems
  • Health in all Planning Policies

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When searching the Internet isn't enough, our research team will find the answer you need, along with the plans, ordinances, articles, and reports to back it up.