Membership FAQ

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What are the benefits of joining APA?

Join the APA community — a diverse network of planners, commissioners, public officials, educators, students, and engaged citizens who are applying the benefits of planning to cities, towns, and neighborhoods nationwide. For all the details, visit the Membership page.

What are the benefits of joining AICP?

The American Institute of Certified Planners is APA's professional institute and provides the only nationwide, independent verification of planners' qualifications. Certified planners pledge to uphold high standards of practice, ethics, and professional conduct, and to keep their skills sharp and up-to-date by continuously pursuing advanced professional education. Only APA members who meet eligibility criteria and pass an examination may join AICP.

What is Group Planning Board Membership (GPBM)?

Group Planning Board Membership allows an agency to sign up an unlimited number of planning commissioners, at reduced dues, as long as they do not earn their living in planning. For details visit the Planning Commissioner page.

What happened to APA's Early Career Membership Program (ECP)?

In July 2017, APA launched a new student membership program offering free membership in APA, APA chapters, AICP, and up to five APA divisions. All students actively matriculated in a university or college degree program are eligible for free membership. After studies are completed, students can transition into a two-year program of low cost, introductory dues. All current and former members are qualified for free membership. Past ECP members are eligible for New Member/Introductory dues if they were in the ECP program on 10/1/2012 or later, if they rejoin APA by 6/30/2018.

Can I join an APA chapter without purchasing APA national membership?

Yes. Most chapters will allow you to obtain a "chapter-only" affiliation. However, this type of chapter membership does not give you membership in the American Planning Association. As a chapter-only affiliate, you will not receive the publications, benefits, and exclusive discounts given to APA members.


How do I change my address and other information?

Update your profile by signing in to the website and clicking "My APA" at the top of the webpage. selecting a link under "Account Settings." Or you may submit your update by using our customer service form.

How do I receive APA and AICP member discounts?

APA members receive discounts on many APA store products. AICP members pay the APA member price and receive additional discounts on some items. For membership information, visit the Membership page.

To take advantage of your APA or AICP member discount, sign in on any page of the website before you place items in your shopping cart. If you have not already done so, you will need to create a password via the Login Help page.

Am I eligible for free student membership ?

All students currently actively matriculated in a college or university degree seeking program is eligible for free membership status for the duration of their studies. Participation is open to students in any field of study, and is not restricted based on past membership status or date limitations.

Am I eligible for New Member/Introductory dues?

All first-time members of APA, as well as students who recently completed their studies are eligible for New Member/Introductory dues.  For a limited time, former ECP participants can take advantage of low cost dues if they were enrolled in the ECP program on 10/1/12 or later, and they rejoin APA by 6/30/18.

Am I eligible for Retired membership status?

Retired members are those who are a member of APA (current and continuous for 10 or more years); are 65 or older; and are completely retired, excluding part time non-planning related or nonprofessional work.

Download the form for this status

Members who do not qualify for retired membership may be eligible for reduced dues as unemployed or in transition members. See below for details.

Am I eligible for Life membership status?

To be an APA Life member, you must be 65 or older and have been an active (current and continuous) member of APA for the past 25 years or more.

Download the form for this status

How do I notify you about Planning Board Member changes?

If your organization has received a renewal invoice, the second page will list a complete roster of your current planning board members. Please add or delete individuals on this roster email it to or fax it to 312-786-6700. Proceed to pay your invoice, inclusive of any changes.

If the changes occur during the middle of the membership year, e-mail the changes to and reference your organization's 6-digit subscriber ID number; we will make the changes accordingly.

How do I cancel my membership?

Member services will end automatically if payment is not received in full by the end of your paid membership year. You may receive another invoice after the end of your paid membership year, but please disregard it if you wish to discontinue your membership.

If you want to stop services immediately, please contact Membership dues for both APA and AICP are non-refundable.

Membership Dues

How much are APA and AICP membership dues?

Visit the Member Dues for current dues rates.

How may I pay my member dues?

  • Online: Renew online by logging in using the "Sign in" button found at the top of every APA webpage. Click on "My APA" then click the "Renew Online" button in the Membership area of the page.
  • Phone: You may renew your membership by paying your dues over the phone using a credit card. Call 312-431-9100.
  • Fax: Fax the original invoice back to us with your credit card information. Our fax number is 312-786-6700.
  • Mail: Send in your original invoice and payment in the return envelope provided. Mail to American Planning Association, PO Box 4291, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4291.

Have you received my payment?

To check the status of your membership, log in using the "Sign in" button found at the top of every webpage. After logging in, click "My APA" at the top of the page. Your APA paid-thru date will appear at the top of the page.

Payments are processed within 7-10 business days from the time the payment is mailed, or 1-2 business days from the time the payment is faxed. To trace a payment we will need the date your payment cleared the bank.

How can I get a new or duplicate invoice?

For a new or duplicate invoice, contact

How do I pay dues for another person online?

In order to pay any invoice online, you must know the 6-digit membership ID number or e-mail address used on the account and the account's password. Once you've gathered this information, sign in to the website, choose "My APA," and click the "Renew Online" button in the Membership area of the page.

Can I pay my dues on an installment program?

You may pay for your membership and other APA services electronically through monthly deductions from your U.S. bank account or by charging your credit card. Through APA's direct debit program, you may qualify to pay your annual fees in up to a maximum of 10 equal installments.

Download the application form for more information

Am I eligible for reduced dues if I am unemployed or in transition?

APA offers special reduced rates for current members who are not working on a temporary or permanent basis, but who do not meet the requirements of life or retired membership status. Members may qualify for one year of reduced dues for every three years of continuous membership, up to a maximum of five years (for those who have been members for 15 years or longer). Members must request the unemployed rate annually.

Download the request form for reduced dues