International Planning

Many challenges and commitments to planning cross geographic, national, and institutional borders.

Consider engaging in these efforts and groups to make a difference around the world — creating better communities for all:

APA International Division

APA's International Division is active in promoting information, networking, and professional development opportunities related to international planning. In pursuit of these goals, the division provides a limited number of grants for projects and study abroad. Other programs and activities include a newsletter, conference sessions, and professional development and networking events.

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Global Planners Network

GPN is a network of national planning associations, including APA, that convene to share planning ideas, approaches, and good practices — building the capacities for planning across the globe.

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Habitat III

APA has been a long-term partner with the United Nations efforts to address global urbanization and settlement patterns. World Urban Forums happen every other year and are managed by UN Habitat.

Once every 20 years comes "Habitat." In October 2016, this UN-wide effort set forth a strategy for cities and towns across the world. It provided a great opportunity for APA, its global partners, and its membership to contribute ideas, best practices, and concerns to the agenda and the goals for planning's contributions to the future of our communities.

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Planning in China

APA works closely with the central and local governments in the People's Republic of China. Explore opportunities for teaching, discussions, and projects.

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The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas

The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) was the outcome of U.S. President Barack Obama's call for a collaborative effort to mitigate the effects of climate change across the western hemisphere. ECPA was an umbrella of initiatives that partner public, private, and academic organizations to promote sustainable development, the use of alternative energy, and the elimination of poverty. APA petitioned the State Department to conduct an ECPA initiative, firmly believing that urban and regional planning can play a key role in achieving core objectives.

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Supporting Innovation

Case Studies from Latin America on Sustainable Housing and Community Development

Read about how APA's demonstration projects overcame planning and governance challenges and how APA provided strategic technical assistance programs that guided each organization through critical phases of their projects.