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Suggestion period closed

This year's open call for Great Places in America suggestions has closed. Stay tuned for the official 2017 announcement during National Community Planning Month in October!

Make a Suggestion

Watch the video to learn how to make a suggestion in 4 easy steps:

1. Review the Great Places Designation List, which includes all designations to date by state, city, category, and year. Check this list to make sure your suggested places have not been previously designated.

2. Click on the links at left to read the characteristics of Great Neighborhoods, Great Streets, and Great Public Spaces to see what APA considers when evaluating suggestions. Reviewing summaries and photos of past designations is also useful.

3. Download a copy of the PDF version or the Word document version of the easy, one-page suggestion reply form.

4. Complete the form and e-mail it to

What Makes a Place Great?

Flint Farmers' Market is helping to bring better food access to many people living in the city. Vendors accept SNAP benefits and other state-run food matching programs, and all of the food is locally sourced from Michigan growers.

We all can think of a neighborhood, street, or public place that is unique or memorable, but what makes it special?

What elements combine to produce a place that not only works for people in the community but rises far above the ordinary?

APA's selection guidelines will be considered in addition to other important factors such as geography, population, demographics, planning involvement, sustainable building, and setting (urban, suburban, rural).

Consider these guidelines not as a checklist of "must-haves," but rather as important principles from which decisions about designated Great Places will be made.

Characteristics of Great Neighborhoods

Characteristics of Great Streets

Characteristics of Great Public Spaces

What Happens to Submitted Suggestions?

APA reviews all suggestions.

For those that are received — and in APA's opinion merit further study — we will request digital images and any necessary additional information.

Suggestions of interest may be considered for possible designation.

Please do not include digital images with your one-page suggestion form. You will be contacted if APA wants to receive images and more information.

Each October, APA will:

  • Announce the Great Neighborhoods, Great Streets, and Great Public Spaces
  • Issue news releases nationally and locally about the designations
  • Present each designated Great Place with a certificate
  • Coordinate attendance of APA representatives at local designation ceremonies in communities choosing to hold such events throughout the month of October


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