APA Diversity Resources

APA offers a variety of resources related to its diversity initiative. Those resources, which include books, reports, presentations, and conference proceedings, are now permanently housed here. Be sure to visit this page regularly as new resources will be added as they become available.


The selected titles are available from APA.

Planning in the Face of Conflict

Crime and Planning

Planning and Community Equity

Planning magazine*

The Black Mecca 50 Years Later
January 2014
Did black Atlanta get to the promised land?

Diversity and Aging in America
March 2013
Shifting demographics provide a new opportunity for planning leadership.

Planning Advisory Service Reports

Published eight times a year, PAS Reports provide a thorough yet succinct knowledgebase for planning professionals. PAS Reports analyze current practice, offer practical advice, and include real-world examples you can adapt for use in your community.

  • Cities in Transition: A Guide for Practicing Planners (No. 568)
  • A Planners Guide to Community and Regional Food Planning: Transforming Food Environments, Facilitating Healthy Eating (No. 554)
  • Equal Opportunity: Selected Statements from Planning Publications (No. 224)
  • Migratory Labor Camps in the Community (No. 93)
  • Modernizing State Planning Statutes: The Growing Smart Working Papers, Vol. 2 (No. 480/481)
  • Planning, Women, and Change (No. 301)
  • Programs for Inner-City Communities: An Annotated Bibliography (No. 249)
  • Social Planning and City Planning (No. 261)
  • The Planning Agency and the Black Community: A Workshop Report (No. 274)
  • Urban Indicators: Their Role in Planning (No. 281)
  • Youth Participation in Community Planning (No. 486)
  • Women in Planning: A Report on Their Status in Public Planning Agencies (No. 273)

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APA Chapters and Diversity

Chapters get you involved in APA close to home. They're your local source for networking and professional development. You'll share experiences with colleagues and broaden your perspective beyond your commission or office. When you join APA, you automatically become a member of your local chapter.

Most chapters offer an annual conference, educational workshops, AICP exam preparation courses, and a newsletter. Many chapters also conduct legislative programs, sponsor planning commissioner training workshops, and conduct public information campaigns.

A number of chapters are engaged in addressing diversity and social equity. Chapters are hosting their own diversity summits, offering mentoring programs, and cultivating diverse chapter leaders.

Visit your local chapter's website to learn more about its diversity efforts and to catch up on the latest planning information in your region.