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American Planning Association
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Chicago, IL 60601
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American Planning Association
1030 15th St., NW., Suite 750 West
Washington, DC 20005
202-872-0611 (phone)
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Staff Directory


1099/W9 Inquires Beverly Hawkins 312-786-6343

AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners)

Advanced Specialty Certification (ASC) Eric Roach 312-786-6342
Certification Maintenance-Members Shawn Wimbush 202-349-1016
Certification Maintenance-Providers Alisa Moore 202-349-1007
Certificates/Verification of AICP Credentials William French 312-786-6739
Commission Felicia Braunstein 202-349-1029
Exam inquiries Eric Roach 312-786-6739
Reinstatement Shawn Wimbush 202-349-1016
Product Purchases (Certificates & Pins) Eric Roach 312-786-6342
Fellows of AICP Ryan Scherzinger 312-786-6359
Ethics inquiries Jim Peters 312-786-6360
Community Planning Assistance Teams (CPAT) Ryan Scherzinger 312-786-6359



Landmark and Pioneer Awards Roberta Rewers 312-786-6395
AICP Student Projects & Student Awards Monica Groh 312-786-6363
Chapter Awards Lynn Jorgenson 312-786-6721
Division Awards Jennie Geisner 202-349-1025
Legislator of the Year Award Jason Jordan 202-349-1005
National Planning Awards Roberta Rewers 312-786-6395


Cynthia Cheski 312-786-6366

Career Services

Career Development Programs Bobbie Albrecht 312-786-6387
Jobs Online Customer Service Rylee Sullivan 312-786-6350
Mentor Match Bobbie Albrecht 312-786-6387


Lynn Jorgenson 312-786-6721

College & University Programs

Accredited University Planning Programs List www.planningaccreditationboard.org
Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning www.acsp.org


AICP Felicia Braunstein 202-349-1029
Amicus Curiae Jason Jordan 202-349-1005
Governance Mike Welch 312-786-6372
Legislative and Policy Jason Jordan 202-349-1005
Membership Mike Welch 312-786-6372
Student Representative Council Monica Groh 312-786-6363


Mike Welch 312-786-6372


Jennie Geisner 202-349-1025



Live and On-Demand

Attendee & Speaker Inquiries Ben Leitschuh 312-542-1973
Program Inquiries Kimberley Jacques 312-786-6725
Registration Rosemary Regalado 312-786-6730

Teachers and Youth Programs

K-12, Youth, Teachers Kimberley Jacques 312-786-6725
Kids' Planning Toolbox Ben Leitschuh 312-542-973

Government Affairs, Advocacy, Congressional Matters

Jason Jordan 202-349-1005


Jennie Geisner 202-349-1025



Donations and Scholarships

Christine Ott 312-786-6345

Website www.planning.org/foundation/

Great Places in America

Emily Pasi 202-349-1008

Inquiry Answer Service

David Morley 312-786-6392

Interact (e-newsletter)

Sally Lambertson 312-786-6376

International Programs & Partners

Jeff Soule 202-349-1012

Journal of the American Planning Association

Advertising Marisa Starr 215-606-4206
Editor Sandra Rosenbloom 512-345-8189
Subscriptions (Members Only) Kerry Kamsiuk 312-786-6703
Reprints & Permissions www.tandfonline.com/page/help/permissions


Nick Ammerman 312-786-6353

Mailing Lists

Rental Kerry Kamsiuk 312-786-6703
Removal from APA's Mailing List Kerry Kamsiuk 312-786-6703

Media Relations and News Releases

Roberta Rewers 312-786-6395


General Inquires Kerry Kamsiuk 312-786-6703
Billing Inquiries Carlos Parra 312-786-6728
Address Changes Kerry Kamsiuk 312-786-6703
Academic & Student Membership Kerry Kamsiuk 312-786-6703

National Centers for Planning

General Information David Rouse 202-349-1010
Green Communities Center Jennifer Henaghan 312-786-6391
Hazards Planning Center Joe DeAngelis 312-786-6716
Planning and Community Health Center Anna Ricklin 202-349-1009

National Community Planning Month

Emily Pasi 202-349-1008

National Planning Conference

General Information Alena Frey 312-786-6397
Exhibits Kate Calabra 312-786-6349
Registration Rosemary Regalado 312-786-6730
Session & Workshop Proposals Kimberley Jacques 312-786-6725
Speakers Kate Calabra 312-786-6349
Student Programs and Meetings Monica Groh 312-786-6363

Planning Advisory Service (PAS)

PAS Memo Ann Dillemuth 312-786-6352
PAS Reports Ann Dillemuth 312-786-6352
Essential PAS Info Packets Ann Dillemuth 312-786-6352
PAS Quicknotes Anna Read 202-349-1013
This Month @ PAS David Morley 312-786-6392

Planning magazine

Advertising and Consultant Services Hallie Brown, The Townsend Group,
301-215-6710, ext. 124 or 125
Editorial Meghan Stromberg 312-786-6385
Subscriptions Kerry Kamsiuk 312-786-6703
Book Reviews Lindsay Nieman 312-786-6731
Reprint Permission Kelly Wilson 312-786-6378

Planners Press

Orders 866-620-6945
Manuscript Submissions and Author Inquiries Julie Von Bergen 312-786-6371
Reprints and Permissions Kelly Wilson 312-786-6378
Course Review Copy Requests Julie Von Bergen 312-786-6371
Media Review Copy Requests Roberta Rewers 312-786-6395


David Rouse 202-349-1010

Social media

Michael Johnson 312-786-6368

Survey Requests

Anna Read 202-349-1013

The Commissioner

Kimberley Jacques 312-786-6725

Zoning Practice

David Morley 312-786-6392