Annual Report: Finances

APA's budget for each fiscal year (October 1–September 30) supports the goals and related action items in the Development Plan approved by the Board of Directors.

FY 2015 Highlights

Total assets for APA as of September 30, 2015, were $18.1 million. Our most significant assets are cash and investments and property and equipment. Total liabilities for APA were $11.1 million, including deferred dues revenue, deferred rent, pension obligations, and accrued liabilities.

Total revenue and expenses for FY 2015 were both approximately $19.8 million, generating a positive net change in assets of approximately $40,000 compared with a budgeted change of $300,000.

Member programs include Planning magazine, policy and outreach, chapter and division services, the Early Career Membership Program, career services, advertising, and member services. Both APA member program revenues and expenses were up slightly from FY 2014.

User programs include the National Planning Conference, research, APA Books, and subscription periodicals. Both APA user program revenues and expenses for FY 2015 were up significantly from FY2014 due to a very successful conference in Seattle and grant revenues and related expenses for the Plan4Health project.

AICP programs include education, certification exams, certification maintenance, and member services. AICP programs FY 2015 revenues were flat and expenses were lower compared to FY 2014.

Infographics: Susan Lee Deegan