APA Ambassadors

The 2017 APA Ambassador program continued in its second year with a diverse array of participants, new types of activities, and creative approaches to youth civic engagement. The 2017 Ambassador year saw everything from large-scale box cities and water-resource games to planning camps and workshops at STEM festivals. Throughout the year, Ambassadors shared their experiences in the APA blog and on social media using #APAAmbassadors.

Learn about our 2017 APA Ambassadors and 2018 APA Ambassadors.

About the Program

The APA Ambassador Program is a volunteer activity led by members of the American Planning Association with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of the power and value that the planning profession brings to communities. Particular emphasis is placed on reaching audiences of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Interested in being an APA Ambassador? The application period for the 2018 program year closed on January 31, but please contact ambassadors@planning.org if you are interested. We welcome your participation! The application period for the 2019 year will open in the late fall 2018.

APA Ambassadors Information Sheet


Our Ambassador Materials page provides content to help Ambassadors lead effectively in their communities. You'll also find documents required for you to communicate your success and remain in good standing.


Meet some of our Ambassadors and explore the ways they are involved in their communities. Learn about their techniques, challenges, and tips for future participants.

Ambassador Blog Posts

Florida State University students organized a Box Cities event for the APA Ambassador program. Photo courtesy Yes Segura.


Email ambassadors@planning.org if you have any questions.